MagnetDL Proxy- Trusted MagnetDL Proxies To Unblock Access

People are looking for free platforms where they will be getting a range of movies and TV series for free. If you are looking forward to the best site where you will get the opportunity to watch the movies, then MagnetDL is the site that you should access. However, the issue is that sometimes the government blocks this website, so it is not easy to get the content here for free. You can opt for the alternative way that is the utilization of the proxy.

The MagnetDL proxies are loaded with a range of movies and will be available for downloadable content at any time. You will also get the episodes of the different shows the way that you want. Also, get access to the free proxy sites that will be opening the way for downloading the content based on your necessities.

Here is a list of the best magnetdl proxy sites that are worth trying out

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This is an official website that comes with a huge collection of movies as well as a TV series. Regardless of the movie, TV series, Software. Games that you want, you will get the availability of it in the collection. It comes with a free section that keeps changing every single day in a month.

  • is a popular website for downloading torrents of Bollywood, Hollywood movies, software, and video games. The site updates its collection regularly, so it is well-known for providing the latest torrents.

  • is Russia based proxy server site where people can download bollywood, hollywood movies, software, and video games. The proxy site is popular because it regularly updates its contents, making it a good place to find the most up-to-date torrents.


By using proxy server to unblock the magnetdl, you may use magnet links and torrent files to download TV series episodes from BitTorrent clients without being affected by popups advertisements.


MagnetDL proxy site is the best MagnetDL proxy site for all you need of entertaining stuff. Furthermore, if you want to access the content for downloading immediately, visit


If you’re searching for a large library of movies and TV shows, you should check out It will provide you with instant access to thousands of free movies and TV shows. You’ll also get material such as sports, news, and pop culture in addition to it.


You’ll discover a broad range of full-length films, TV shows, podcasts, and live TV with this fantastic site.

Methods To Unblock The Proxy Site

There may be chances that the site you’re trying to access is blocked due to some reason. At such time, you must opt for the methods to unblock it:

Use a VPN

The virtual private network keeps IP addresses private. Using a VPN, all traffic goes through VPN servers that are probably not blocked. Visit the site you want to open. Plenty of free and paid VPN services are there. You can find one for all mobile and desktop platforms. a VPN is not always a bulletproof solution. Before accessing the internet, go through a private server that eradicates the chances of longer loading, timeouts, and other performance issues.

check out the list of some recommended VPNs for torrenting sites

Using TOR (The Onion Router)

Tor network ensures hiding users’ details on the Internet. Tor network takes the user through multiple networks so no one can know the actual IP address. Tor network is common among the hacker community. Tor network, available as Tor Browser, is a free application available. Anomalously browse the internet.

The tor browser is available for various devices like windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, if you’re an iOS user you can try Onion Browser.

Proxy web browser

It serves as another instance method for access to site downloading. Access any blocked website via an unblock website proxy.

Below list of some recommended web proxy sites

Final words

We’ve listed some of the best proxy sites to access the content for free without going through additional hassles. So, try downloading from these MagnetDL proxy links and watch the range of content.

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