Extratorrent Proxy- Trusted Extratorrent Proxies To Unblock Access

Extratorrent proxy links make it easier to download the range of content as per the users’ requirements. There has been a rise in the practice of downloading free movies and videos from torrent sites. In this regard, Extratorrent serves as one of the best places to download a range of series, movies, and TV shows.

But the issue is that the site is often blocked in most countries. But there is no need to feel disheartened. Extratorrent proxy sites are genuine as well as most popular mirror sites.

The site will help you in exploring series, recently released music, movies, tv shows, latest movies, and much more. Extratorrent, launched in the year 2006 rapidly became famous. Extratorrent allows downloading the latest released music, movies, files as well as games.

Many torrent sites were down, and the only way to access them was by proxy, VPN. Extratorrent proxy sites provide great access to the original site.

Sometimes, there is a need to follow the unblock extratorrents process. With these sites, you can be free to search for the latest movies, music, and more.

List of the Trusted Extratorrent Proxies Which is Always Working

ExtraTorrent Proxy & Mirrors SitesStatus

This Extratorrent proxy is better than the main domain of this site. This is one of the best proxy mirror sites that help users find the best content. With this proxy link, it will be easy for you to bypass the restrictions that come on your way.

This Extratorrent proxy is one of the torrent links that allow users to download the latest content. Through this Extratorrent proxy, you will get music, movies, shows, ebooks. Though previously, this Extratorrent proxy had to face some restrictions, it came out to be better over other mirror domains available. Use a proxy mirror that will give you the relevant content per your needs.

This Extratorrent proxy rose to fame after the shutdown of the main site. Eventually, this site became popular with users due to the varied range of content available with it. This site serves better than others due to the simple reason that there is a metasearch engine that integrates millions of results.            

This Extratorrent proxy lets you go with the content with a metasearch engine. What you will admire the most about this site is that it has torrents categorized in a variety of categories. Since the main site is blocked due to a court order, you can rest assured that using this site will be a better move for getting access to the range of the content under the different categories.

This Extratorrent proxy comes with making it unique as well as accessible. The best part of using This Extratorrent proxy is that it is free to browse any kind of material. You will get the option to download a varied range of content, including movies, music, tv shows, and more. This site offers high-end support similar to other extratorrent proxy sites, which helps users stream various content.

Why Use Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites?

Extratorrent proxy sites that we have listed above are fully capable of surfing whatever you want, making them incredible in their capabilities of fetching the range of the movies that are new and old alike.

These proxy sites loaded with torrent ensures that all the magnet links will be giving you access to a variety of content. Extratorrent proxy site will be offering you the needed content with the best feature called advanced search functionality, letting you explore everything without having issues.

The main extratorrent site has been blocked over a long time, and this is the reason there is a need for Extratorrent proxy links to go with accessing and exploring the internet

3 Ways To Unblock Extratorrent and Other Torrents Sites

There may be chances that you can access the content as these links are all blocked. Though the chances are rare, yet it’s worth noting the method to get started with the unblocking:

Tor Browser

The private network called Tor lets computers connect together for exploring the internet. Easily use the Tor browser to unblock extratorrent proxy sites. Enter the URL in the TOR browser search bar that will make it easily accessible to get everything from the target site.

The tor browser is available for various devices like windows, macOS, Linux, and Android, if you’re an iOS user you can try Onion Browser.


VPN assists in unblocking any of the sites. Proxy sites are insecure, which is why some countries block away from these links. However, you can rest assured that VPN does not pass any information or encrypted data. VPN available, including Nord VPN, Expressvpn, Surfshark, makes it easier to get access to the unblocked site.

Use Public DNS

Public DNS serves as one of the most common methods in accessing extratorrent proxy sites. Replace local DNS with public DNS.

In your windows computer press Windows + R button and type Control press enter button

  • Now you’re in Control Panel here Click on Network and Sharing CentreChange adapter settings> Here Right-click on Wi-fi Connection and select Properties
  • Now Double-Click on Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)
  • Then Choose Use the following DNS server addresses
  • Enter the Google Public DNS IP addresses

Under The Preferred DNS Server>
Under The Alternate DNS server>

google open dns ip address
  • After that Click OK to save the new DNS settings

Final words

We’ve listed some of the best ExtraTorrent proxy sites providing unblocked access to the torrent site. Best Proxy and mirror sites that we have listed have earned a good reputation over the years in their ability to provide a range of content as per the expectations of the users.

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